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Adria Polymers

Energy and Industrial Capacity Synergy

Adria Polymers is a company based in OmiĊĦalj and founded with the aim of developing an industrial park on the island of Krk. The park facilities stretch over 150 hectares of building land at a location with direct access to the sea and the mainland, offering excellent connections with the major traffic routes in Croatia and the region. At the location of the former Dina Petrokemija plant, the company is today creating opportunities for sustainable business operations, growth and investments.

The Adria Polymers Industrial Park is a project of polymer production revitalization, combined with opening up possibilities for the development of highly specialized production, manufacturing and trades facilities for which the industrial park will provide an adequate setting and more favourable conditions for business development. The park's concept is based on the idea of achieving synergies between energy and industrial facilities relying on sound economic grounds.

In partnership with some of the world's leading companies, the development of an industrial park aims to secure the key factors for competitiveness of small-scale specialized projects within the petrochemical industry. One of the main prerequisites to achieving this are facilities equipped with proper infrastructure, including all the necessary elements for the development of small-scale production units within a functional industrial zone.

In the long run, the Industrial Park will have a strong and positive impact on all key macroeconomic indicators of the Croatian economy, such as GDP growth, increase of export as one of the main drivers of economic recovery and the creation of new jobs. This will by all means ensure an added value for the country's economy by enabling technological development through the participation of local industries and services.