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Industrial park

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Industrial parks are zoned and planned areas of concentrated infrastructure which is jointly used by different business entities with the result of optimizing operating costs, which is a key factor of their success.

The concept of industrial parks has proven effective in both developed and developing countries, by stimulating the start-up of small, highly-specific production businesses in a more adequate environment and with more favourable conditions than they could have in a highly urbanized setting. The competitiveness of a particular industrial park is reflected in its infrastructure, which includes energy supply, public infrastructure, traffic and communication infrastructure.

The Adria Polymers industrial park in Omišalj extends over 150 hectares of building land, ideally located in the north of the island of Krk. The park has direct access both to the sea and the mainland, and is only 8 kilometres away from the Kvarner A7 highway, which provides excellent connections with major traffic routes and easy access to skilled workforce in the Rijeka area and to the markets of Slovenia and Italy.

The Industrial Park in Omišalj has all the necessary features to develop into a successful industrial park which will, besides revitalizing the polymer production, secure conditions for the start-up and business development of a large number of small and narrowly specialized manufacturing, crafts and entrepreneurial hubs.

At the same time, the new industrial park will contribute to a more balanced development of the island in all areas, which Krk is in need of after achieving success and strong growth in the tourist sector. Finally, the industrial park will in the long run have a strong and positive impact on all key macroeconomic indicators of the Croatian economy, such as GDP growth, increase of export as one of the main drivers of economic recovery and the creation of new jobs.