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Investment projects around the world

Adria Polymers is a member of the Gasfin Group, based in Luxembourg. The Gasfin Group has been active in the development of LNG (Liquefied Natural Gas) projects since 2006, as an economic means of transporting natural gas to markets.

The group specializes in the preparation, development and implementation of LNG supply projects, focusing on achieving synergies between owners of natural resources, LNG operators and gas end-users. It is involved in a number of LNG investments around the globe, including onshore and offshore terminals, and together with its worldwide network of subsidiaries employs over 600 people.

Within the complex geopolitical reality of connecting gas supply with prospective markets, the Gasfin Group bases its approach on strengthening its presence in strategic natural gas production regions, such as Southeast Europe, Russia and other former Soviet countries (i.e. CIS countries) and the Caribbean.

The Group's key mission is to create new opportunities for natural gas producers, investors, LNG operators and consumers while advancing natural gas as a sensible and sustainable alternative for heating homes, fuelling engines and power generation with multiple benefits over other conventional hydrocarbons.

By combining proven technologies with sustainable business models, the Gasfin Group offers attractive opportunities to private and institutional investors and contributes to securing cleaner energy on a larger scale.

Developing production infrastructure and distribution channels for natural gas represents a great challenge, but also the inevitable direction of global economy to secure sufficient and sustainable fuel supply for vessels, heavy machinery, vehicles, aircrafts and power turbines in the decades to come.